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Hi Everyone,

I just installed my Hyper 212 Plus and I am noticing something odd and wanted to make sure everything is fine before I really start using it. I have followed the installation guide and watched the following video to make sure I did everything correct. Which I think I did :pt1cable:

After the install and while I was installing other components I noticed the Hyper 212 Plus heatsink can slightly rotate left and right a bit. I definitely made sure everything is secure and snug. I wanted to know if anyone else noticed this or did I do something wrong with the way the CPU bracket fits over the heatsink? It does not rotate freely it only does it if I bump it or move it myself.

Here is a picture if it helps any:

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    I have heard of this happening to some people. I think over tightening is far worse than being a little loose. What are your temperatures looking like. If you're getting nice temps, you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Hi Cygnus,

    Thanks for the quick response. This is actually a new build I am working on and cannot power it up yet. I just want to verify if this is normal or not. I definitely didn't over tighten, I just made it snug. Since you heard of this happening to others I will assume everything is fine and will monitor my temps when everything is a go.

    Thanks again...
  3. Both of my 212s do this. My temps are good however so I'm not concerned.
  4. Yeah as long as the mounting hardware is tight and your temperature is good, I see no problems.
  5. Hmm installed a few 212+'s never encountered that.
    As long as you tighten in a criss-cross pattern then the middle.
    Mine doesn't budge.
  6. Great, thank you everyone for the reply. I will go over my install again and triple check everything. I just found it was really awkward how you have to slide the criss-cross bracket in between the heatsink and the part the sits on the CPU.

    Anywho, thanks again for your responses!
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