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I have been trying to keep up with upcoming stuff because I have been planing to buy a new computer soon so things like the news of price leaks " http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Core-i3-i5-i7-Prices,8448.html " told me of the new I7 960 I now want to get.

So I was wondering if there is any news anyone knows about that I might of missed of new vid cards coming out soon right now I am planing to put 2 GTX 275 cards in my new computer when I get it but that card has been out a while now so I am thinking there might be a new one soon and I dont mind waiting a few months extra. After all this computer is already 6 years old waiting a extra month for the replacement wont kill me.
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  1. its worth the wait should be like a mounth or so but should be soon with new graphics
  2. wait a few months for the new direct x 11 cards to drop
  3. at this point it will be atleast till the end of october before i do anything but i was wondering if anyone had seen anything like that post about the processers that are coming soon for graphics cards prices or atleast names would be nice
  4. On Sept 10th both Ati and Nvidia have press conferences scheduled to unveil something about their dx11 cards. Ati has been leaking info about theirs being almost ready to ship. Im sure there will be tons of discussion and links to news articles here after the conferences.
  5. thanks thats the info i was wanting :) guess wait till the 10th then
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