I7 920 full load temps

i just tried prime 95 on my i7 920 not overclocked for 15 mins and wondered if my temps are ok i have a noctua heatsink

cpu= 59
core1 = 69
core2 = 67
core3 = 65
core4= 63
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  1. i dont see how the cpu temp is that low compared to the core temps. according to your core temps your right at the limits. but according to your cpu temp you should be able to overclock a lil... check this out http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=302710
  2. thats what it says on everest im idling at cpu = 27
    core1 = 37
    core2 = 33
    core3 = 35
    core4 = 31
  3. try using realtemp
  4. real temp reads core1 36
    core2 32
    core3 34
    core4 30
  5. are my temps bad and should i do anything
  6. Your temps look fine. If you haven't overclocked your processor, what is the reason you're running Prime95? You have to remember that pretty much nothing stresses your cpu like Prime95, so it will never get any hotter than that just running regularly.

    Core temp has a "low/high" reading. reset them and leave it on for a full day while you run everything and anything you normally would, including games, and you'll see that you never come close to that temperature.

    If you do plan on overclocking, I would recommend an aftermarket heatsink/fan.
  7. I have a noctua nh heatsink
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