RAM over clock g skill sniper 1600

Hi everyone just got a new ram need advise on over clocking

Its a G.Skilll Sniper 1600 9-9-24

My full set up is
ASUS p8p67 Pro 3.0
NZXT Phantom (have all the fans)
Kingston ssd/seagate 2 tb
Cm hyper 212

I have the cpu at 4.5 ghz
memory at max clock with the afterburner(MSI)

Want to get great speed on the ram any suggestions

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  1. You can manually try increasing the RAM speed in the BIOS and see if your system will pass Memtest86+ and stress testing with OCCT and P95.

    Going from 1333 MHz. to 1600 Mhz. RAM speed only results in ~1% system performance increase with DDR3 RAM so there isn't much to be gained at all unless you can double the RAM speed say from 1066 MHz. to 2100+ MHz. Then you might see a few percentage points in system performance and a few FPS in games. It certainly is not worth having an unstable PC however for the small system gains.
  2. Cool so do you guys have an step step guide I could follow as to like try A,B,C

    So I know which to overclock I spnet like 30 minutes overclocking to 4.5 ghz as I was so scared and kept messing up
  3. i guess if your just tightening up the timings then put the first at 8. see if its stable, then the third to eight, if its not stable you can raise the 24 to 25 and maybe give it a small boost in voltage.
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