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I'm normally busy in the graphics forums, but a thought came to mind and I didn't know the answer.

Here's the scenario:

My current build (it's in my member's config) has a 100gb Vertex SSD. It's great, I like it a lot, etc. If I were to purchase another SSD, let's say of the same size, but of a different performance level (newer generation), would I still be able to have a RAID setup? Would I lose a lot of performance because one drive is slower than the other? Would it be worth it to even do this, or just buy two new SSD's at once?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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    I could be wrong, But in Raid0 the size is limited to the smaller one - but performance of iindividual drives are retained.

    So thoughts on SSD Raid0
    (1) You lose win 7 trim and must rely solely on CG.
    (2) Raid0 will boost Seq read/writes
    (3) Raid0 will NOT improve access time
    (4) Raid0 does little to improve the small file random read/writes.

    Myself I'd consider getting the NEW SSD as a Boot SSD, and converting your OLD SSD to a scratch disk and load the files that you want to work with.
  2. Very cool, thanks for the input!
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