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Hey all,
I'm building a pc for a friend (it's going to have a quad-core 2.83Ghz CPU and 8GB RAM, tehwoot =]), and I would like to know what peoples opinions are when it comes to getting two older graphics cards (SLI) vs 1 newer one. The 2 older graphics cards I had in mind have the following specs:

GPU: GeForce 9800GT
Memory Size: 2GB
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Stream Processors: 64

and the newer card (which would be approximately the same price) would be:

GPU: GeForce GTX 275
Memory Size: 896MB
Memory Interface: 448-bit
Stream Processors: 240

So, which do you think I should spring for? Even though the second card is faster, would having more memory and 2 cards give better performance for gaming?
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    same site has links for other benchmarks like cpu and harddrive

    if your geting 2 9800GT look at the number for that and you from what i have seen in benchmarks dont get 100% from the 2 cards so maybe somthing like 90-95% of what the 2 cards should be

    single 9800GT 950 rating
    single GTX 275 1883 rating
    2 9800GT 1710-1805 rating

    also you must think about some games dont use SLI or crossfire still so for some things your going to just be out of luck if you get the 2 9800 cards
  2. The GTX 275 will be faster, and you don't have to mess with SLI.
    Not all games benefit from SLI, so if you have one them, you basically are running with 1 9800GT.
    2 cards means more heat, and more noise.
    Later say next year if you feel you need more, you can SLI another GTX, and they will be much less money by then, and you are good to go for another year.
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