Are SSD worth the cash on slower computers

Currently I'm in debate about is this ssd really worth the price to me

My current system is:
Phenom 2 X2 oc to 3.8
4 GB of DDR3 1600
460 GTX OC to 900
MSI 870 g45 mobo

No drive as of now

I do some light gaming on occasion (btw everyone should play Bloodline Champions, Conciet invited you!) but mostly just browse the web, watch videos, pretend i can use Photoshop, and blast some music.

I see some people say how great ssd are great and all but if you dont have a that new i7 with the 16gb of ram and a 580 gtx sli, is it worth the $150~?

-fixed some broken english edit
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  1. If anything they would be an even greater boost on slower sata II computers.
    The HDD is the biggest bootleneck on any computer, old, or new.

    NOW that is not a recommendation to run out and buy.
    It will boost turn-on time and program loads.
    It will not:
    (1) play movies (DVDs/Blu-ray) any better.
    (2) It will not make games play faster.
    (3) while photo shop program will load faster, it will not speed up editing photos unless they are on the SSD. Normally most tend to store the Photo on the HDD. Depending on individual size a 100 or so photos can take up a lote of space.

    Now you know, the ball is back in your court to decide if it is worth it.
    I have in two desktops and two laptops, and love them. BUT they do NOT speed up my typing, nor do they improve my spelling.
  2. would be well worth it and everything will feel faster while allowing you to multitask MUCH more without bogging the system down to think for a bit each time you push it too hard.
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