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anyhow I have Asus m3a32 and Im using the onboard sound for my normal display (22")

I have the DVI to HDMI adapter connected to the second DVI port on my ATI 3870 (first DVI goes to my comp monitor), connected to the HDMI adapter is a HDMI cable going to my newly purchased LG32LG3000 (720p)'s HDMI connector (HDMI 1 port)

when I play a movie, I drag across the player from desktop to the TV (set as 2nd display) and fullscreen, but the sound comes out of my monitor speakers (not the TV!), so how do I get the sound to go through my current 7.1 surround sound speakers?

Is there anything I need to do?

PS. Im not 100% sure if the sound is comming out of the desktop screen, it could be comming out from the speakers sat on the desk right next to the screen.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Assuming you installed the ATI audio driver, you should just have to set the output device from either CCC or the Windows Control Panel.
  2. right, make sure that the default audio hardware is the ati hdmi card out.
  3. Thanks guys, the sound was actually comming out of the desktop speakers, like normal, for some weird reason I was hoping when I connected the HDMI to new TV, output movies to this, then the sound would be seperate.


    movie from comp playing on lg using the lg tv's speakers for sound out put
    music playin on comp/games being played sound comes out of the comp speakers/headphones...
  4. You can switch the output from using HDMI to the standard stereo output on you're PC when you aren't using the LG.
  5. yes but that would be either one or the other, i was hoping for both at the same time, still, i think through my comps 7.1 speakers its better, and for normal tv i can use the lg's built in speakers.
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