Overclock GPU for Metro 2033?

Overclock GPU for Metro 2033?

I am playing Metro on very high on DX11. I have my Catalyst Control center sliders maxed out on quality, and I am using an ASUS laptop. I use 1600x900 resolution. Here are my specs...

Intel Core i7 740QM Quad-core @ 1.73GHZ TB @ 2.93GHz
6GB DDR3 memory
ATI mobility radeon HD5870
640GB HD

Now, here is the thing. My frame-rate sucks. I get about 30fps average, and on the intense firefights it gets down to 20fps. I started out playing in DX10 on High settings, but the performance boost was not big enough to merit doing it. Metro 2033 is very taxing, indeed.

My desktop is not an option to play on as it is currently below my laptop's specs :(

Should I try overclocking my GPU and risk bricking :cry:, or is 20-30fps maxed out about all I should reasonably expect from this laptop?

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  1. thats about all your going to get from that laptop im afraid. you could overclock it a little more and get maybe 5more fps at the max.
  2. nagol567 said:
    thats about all your going to get from that laptop im afraid. you could overclock it a little more and get maybe 5more fps at the max.

    The optimal requirements for the game call for 8GB of ram. Do you think if I added another 2GB of memory it would make much of a difference? After all, 6GB is pretty low...

    I saw a guy max this game with better frame rates with a 5770 , granted his CPU was a phenom II x6 1055T and he had I believe 12GB of DDR3 memory... He was getting about 40FPS with fraps on.

    Just a thought...
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  4. Thank you very much. I will get to work on it right away.
  5. Dude you are a lifesaver. I am actually going to do that, but I found that my bios will not allow for oc'ing. I am going to have to get the drivers for the 5770 first (the mobile 5870 is actually an underclocked 5770). I have never oc'ed a lappy before so this is all new to me.

    i would not be surprised if I actually tear something up

    Now I did change those settings in the ccc like you said and I am actually getting about 35 - 40 fps on very high (with Dof, Tes, and AA turned off) after making the change - so I am pleased so far.
  6. I have definitely considered a cooler. This laptop does not really get that hot. But I think oc'ed it would be needed. From what I hear it is pretty easy to do. I was thinking of perhaps making one myself. I saw this guy online who made one out of cardboard. Another guy on this site actually made himself a fan for his lappy out of pvc and plexiglass - which may be beyond my capabilities, I am afraid.
  7. Well, "they" say that 85 is a safe temp for my GPU. Right now on full load it rarely gets above 80. It actually idles at 65. I could probably OC a little without even having to bother. I have been monitoring my temp and I think I could do it.

    Now I just have to install 5770 drivers, update my bios, and I'll be cooking (I hope not) :na:
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