Building a budget gaming computer

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE:Within two weeks. All the parts are not in stock, but will be within this time.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Surfing, Gaming, watching movies and a lot of multitasking.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, OS and a harddisk.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I'm on a tight budget so I'll be going with the AMD phenom II's. No preference though.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe, if I can get a friend to help me do it I probably will, he told me I could get a much better performance.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1280x1024 for now. Later on (maybe next year) I'll move into a larger monitor with one of the following: 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want to make sure the components fit since I heard the AM3 motherboards and AM3 processors do not fit perfectly (something about one having 3 fewer pins than the other? (if it's a false rumor, I'd like it confirmed.)

Motherboard: MSI 770-C45
Harddisk: Seagate 250 GB Sata II. (Reusing this till I can afford a 1 TB)
Graphics card: 9800gtx+ which a friend is giving away to me. I cannot afford a larger card, so it's perfect.
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.2ghz Socket AM3, BOX
RAM: Corsair Twin3X 2x2048MB DDR3. PC10664 DDR1333,
Power supply unit: Corsair 650w (650TXEU). I won't go on a budget powersupply. And I might put in a larger graphics card later, if I can manage to get the cash for it later on.
DVD burner: Samsung SH-S223B Sata Black
Case: Cooler Master Gladiator 600

I can get all this for 3840 DKK which is about 731.1 U.S. dollars according to googles valuta converter.
Hardware is expensive here in denmark and I'm already above my intended budget, but I can extend it to 4000 DKK which is 761.53 U.S. dollars.

Do these parts fit? Is the case big enough for the graphics card and the motherboard?
And, do the CPU work with the motherboard?
Any other compatibility problems?

I won't order anything before I get a green light from you guys in here :D
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  1. it looks good
  2. Are you entirely sure that the motherboard and processor will work?
  3. yup, the mobo can support up to 140w Phenom II's
  4. blackwater said:
    Are you entirely sure that the motherboard and processor will work?


    There isn't compability issues with AM3 CPUs in AM3 sockets. The socket does have 3 more pin spots than the AM3 CPUs do right now, but they still fit and work perfectly in the socket. But for the reverse reason, you cannot put an AM2+ CPU in a socket AM3 board.

    The case will fit the system just fine. Good choice on the PSU though a 550w is enough for your settup. As the 770 only has one pcie x16 slot, you don't have the option of multi gpus later. That and the 9800GTX+ will be more GPU than you need for that monitor.

    Also, if you need to trim a few more bucks off your system, check for the 945 instead of the 955. They should both OC nicely over 3.6 without a problem. Then you can buy a good aftermarket HSF when you are ready to OC.

    Ram can effect OC potenical on these chips, so if you can get DDR3 1333 with lower Cas than the Corsair (CAS 9 I think) it might even be cheaper. Try to find a CAS 7 if you can at least at DDR3 1333.
  5. Wow thanks skora, that's a lot of information :).
    The 550w and the 650w is within $14-15 of each other here in Denmark, so I'm not sure it's worth dropping. And the AMD 945 is about $20 under the 955, so I don't really know.

    Also, I'd like to switch monitor later on, preferably to 1920x1080 or 1920x1200, where my friend said he got a better card to handle the games at those resolutions.
    Yeah the corsair ram is CAS9, how much performance would CAS7 give me over CAS9?
    CAS9 1333 mhz ram is $100 (Corsair)
    CAS7 1333 mhz ram is $168 (Patriot)
    CAS7 1600 mhz ram is $131 (Patriot)

    I guess CAS7 1600 mhz is a better choice, even if I got to wait a week more to get the computer.
  6. For the PSU, I'd stick then with the 650w. It will let you do multi higher end GPUs in your next build if that mobo supports it. As for the 945 vs 955, either CPU will do very well for you. You're not going to be using all the CPU power of either for games at 1280x1024. If you do upgrade, the difference will be minimal and if you OC, even less. If its the 945 and Cas 7 ram vs 955 and cas 9, I'd probably go with the 945.
  7. According the benching that Tom's and other sites have done, there isn't much real-world difference between DDR3-1333 and 1600. In games, maybe 2-5FPS or so different.

    But as skora said, I'd go with the 945 and the CAS 7 1600, since the price is almost even.
  8. Thanks to both of you.

    I'll lend a few bucks off a mate and get the CAS7 ram and the 955 (as I'm not sure I'll overclock). And skora, I might just do what you're saying in a new build later on :D.

    Is it okay to update how to built went when I'm done building it, in this thread (if anything unexpected happens)?
  9. Yeah, you can do that if its a success, but if you have issues, check the sticky for problem help post and follow that format. It will also get the attention of the better trouble shooters around here instead of being buried in this thread.
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