HDD to SSD cloning (Windows XP)

I just updated to an SSD and I currently have an IDE HDD. How would I go about cloning the HDD to my SSD?
Is there any special steps I have to do, or is it like cloning 2 HDDs?
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    Do not recommend cloning HDD -> SSD.
    Reason - HDD driver.

    I'm not one to try to convert someone from XP-> Win 7.
    But with SSDs you might want to give it a thought:
    Win7 will enable trim, XP No trim.
    .. With XP you lose trim and have to rely on Garbage colection and some SSDs have very poor CG. which means that you might end up with a SSD that is only performing slightly better than a HDD. (Many do have fair->good CG.

    Win 7 will set the Partition offset.
  2. RetiredChief said:
    Do not recommend cloning HDD -> SSD.
    Reason - HDD driver.

    What is the HDD driver in this case? I thought it used the same SATA2/SATA3 interface and there was no need for special SSD drivers?
  3. I agree it is best not to clone your HDD to SSD. You will run the risk of alignment issues which will slow down your SSD performance.
  4. You are correct, if the HDD is setup using the correct driver. Generally this is the case if the Bios is not changed in the process. But then you still have to verify that the partition offset (not an issue w/HDDs) is correct and you have to manually enable trim (For Win 7, no Trim in previous win Ed.).

    The OP indicated that the HDD is IDE (PATA). May have been a bad assumption on my part, But the vast majority of SSDs are SATA and to run near manuf specs the bios should be in AHCI mode, not IDE mode - hense incorrect driver.

    Some have been successful in this, others not. I cloned a SSD to a SSD, and still ended up redoing the Win 7 installlation.

    There is another advantage: if the operating system has been in use for a year or longer - it cleans up the registry. (Unless you have programs that are a REAL bear to reload and/or have lost the installation disk/programs - IE does Wife come to mind!.
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