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The Asus P7P55D has two 16x PCIe slots at 16x/4x. So normaly I'll have a graphic card in the first slot at 16x, my question is will the second slot have full 4x lanes, because I read at some forum that those 4 lanes come from the p55 chipset and that the usb 2.0 and the sata ports share this lane (4x), is this true? So if I instal a device there will it have full speed?

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  1. If you use 2 cards on it,one will perform @ 16x and the other one @ 4x(Full 4x)
  2. So your saying that usb 2.0 and sata II ports aren't sharing that lane (4x)?

    If so, thanks for the reply.
  3. No as long as i know only the card uses the 4x
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