Dvd to portable hard drive cant find source

Hello Tom,
I am trying to move a movie from my disc drive to my external hard drive, but when i get nearly to the end of each disc it has error cant find source, the hard drive is in NFTS format which should allow more than 4gig to be moved but it seems to be when it his the 4gig mark it stops and has this error. it will not allow me to move it to my PC either, can you tell me what the prob is,
thank you.
regards Susanne
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  1. How are you copying it? A movie DVD is not just one file, it is actually many files. Also, if these are copy protected DVDs they may have an intentional defect to prevent copying.
  2. Hi Phil,
    what i am trying to do, is copy a dvd from my dvd disc drive to my pc, i have tried to rip it to an avi format but it is still stopping before the movie finishes so the end of the movie is not there, they are all doing the same. it gets to around 93 percent and then stops but has not error when ripping it, but i does have error when copying it,
    i dont know what the prob is.. driving me insane..
    i want to put the movies onto my hard drive so i can use it through my media center.
    hugs and many thanks
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