When to pull the trigger? New gaming PC

I am looking at spending $1500 - $2000 within the next 4 months on a Gaming Rig.

Is there any new equipment coming out in that time frame I should wait to get my hands on?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Two things...

    1.) Socket 1156: Core i5 & Core i7
    2.) DX11 GPU's

    These two things are looking like they will change things up enough to wait for, if not for the new technology but for at least the price drop it will provide on the current technology.
  2. ^ in other words, don't start buying just yet
  3. wait until October, by then the prices will have settled on the DX11 GPU's to around $200 and the 1156 and 975 BE prices will have gone down.
  4. End of October it is! Thanks guys!
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