XFX 8800 GT

Has anyone ever seen 6 out of 9 cap cans blow up 1 at a time over 3 months.
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  1. Hard to look at your desktop from here lol.
  2. LOL
  3. LollZ..........
  4. I'm curious to see these blown caps. Did you just give everyone TH remote access to your Docs folder?
  5. ^ yea hahaha

  6. Maybe try Photobucket next time...
  7. Sorry about the pics I was drinking LOL
  8. Yeah, that looks pretty nasty.
    What did you do to make them fail?
    I would venture to guess either a lightning strike, cheap PSU or a microwave...

    Luckily for you, your XFX 8600GT comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
    Assuming you can convince them this was not caused by abuse, RMA it for a new card.
  9. Whoa!
  10. No lifetime warranty forgot to register it!!!! Antec psu one of there new green ones very stable
  11. Thats pretty wicked
  12. Clearly they are preggers :) Soon you will have enough power storage for the Smart Grid to flourish.
  13. Are you going to replace the caps i had a similar problem on a card i replaced caps.On mine the power supply caused it but got lucky no other damadge to the card.
  14. I was thinking of replacing the caps to have a spare board.
  15. If you don't have any experience replacing caps, that is a daunting task and you're probably better off just buying a replacement videocard. My 8800 GTS 512 (sold by EVGA recertified for 90 days... frickin joke!) died after 98 days of use. EVGA basically laughed at me. I tried the "reflowing" technique of baking it (twice) but no luck sadly.
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