Help!!! first water cooling not a clue

okey so i have decided to go water cooling as i am sick of noisy fans every were the worst is my gtx 480 when playing crysis 2 at the min the fan is at about 90/100 persent witch is taking the piss with the noise levels i also have an i7 920 do and an asus rampage III extreme motherboard and 8gb corsair dominator but i need help i dont have a clue what parts to buy can any one direct me to a good place to buy these in the uk i have a corsair 650d case and i would like to cool both cpu and graphics cards hopefully 2gtx 480s i would like the best parts possible i have about £1000 to spend maby a bit more if needed o and no funky colors something neutral like black
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  1. Have you read the watercooling sticky? It is linked in my signature below...and should help answer some of your questions you've run together into one, long sentence.
  2. Welcome to water cooling!... and +1 to Rubix's comment about the run on sentence.

    Having just built my first water cooling rig I am of course ready and willing to convert everyone and their mother to a water cooling rig. I'm like the jerk who quits smoking cigarettes and wants to tell all of his friends they need to quit too.

    But really, the best thing you can do for yourself is read all of the water cooling faqs (here and elsewhere) and then come to your own conclusions based on that info. Start with the basics like figuring out how much heat you'll be dealing with and what kind of setup you'll need to dissipate that heat. When you understand the components you need start differentiating between the bunch. What's the difference between this rad and that rad, this cpu block and that cpu block, etc. Last but not least, consider all of the small but important details like differences between fittings, tubing, etc.

    Believe me, all the info you need it out there in mass quantities. You just need to search for it.
  3. Yeah, there is definitely a lot of information out's just a matter of taking the time to get acquainted with it all so you get a firm understanding of what you need for your loop to perform how you'd like and staying within the budget you have set for yourself. Trust me...we all wish we had unlimited budgets because let's face it...there are a lot of cool watercooling toys out there....(Moto...I'm pointing at you and your T-virus res out there somewhere...)
  4. Lol, you know its going to rock rubix :)
    no unlimited budget unfortunately but sometimes you just can't compromise hehe

    these guys have both pointed you true, and Rubix is the man here for W/c, read up, a lot,
    heres a couple of sites I use
    there are more more ofc but just to get you on the right track, and heres the res Rubix mentioned, I'm waiting on 2x Blue 250's to be delivered as we speak
  5. +1 to ALL above.

    Watercooling can be daunting.

    There are many combos for your setup.

    It comes down to how much money you're willing to invest.

    My advice to you:

    1. Keep your loop simple. A common sense approach to designing/building generally works best. A single loop for starters.
    2. Avoid getting fancy. Try to avoid Y-connectors, 90 degree turns, parallel setups and sandwich setups for rads/fans.
    3. Put in a QDC (quick release) connection or T-Junction. You'll need this to drain your loop. Believe me, it will save time and you will swear less.
  6. thanks every one for all the advice all those stickies defiantly helped but there was a lot of reading lol! i am still not sure what to do so i have posted a new thread about best parts for cooling gtx 590
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