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hi my computer makes a click noise when i turn on the power and when it turns off. when booting, sometimes it shuts off before loading windows and makes the click noise. sometimes windows load and works fine and i can do anything as if there was no probleme and other times it turns off and makes the click noise many times. now its goten to the point where i cant load windows normaly. i have to boot the last known setting that worked or else it loads the startup repair or it loads as the admin. sometimes when it restarts it doesnt do anything more than just stay at the screen where it shows the cpu memory and hard drives but the hard drives do not show and it doesnt go anywhere from there. i tried unplugging my hard drive and it still does the noise so i thought it might be the power supply but the clicking sound doesnt come from that. doesnt anyone know what this could be, thanks
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  1. i juts noticed that the light behind my power supply flashes some times when the computer doesnt load properly and the click noise comes from the motherboards buzzer. does anyone have an idea what this could be???
  2. The only clicks I've ever heard from a computer like that is a hard drive dying or my Xonar D2 soundcard turning off.
  3. I was going to suggest hard drive going bad since clicking usually indicates this. But since you unplugged the HD and still hear this, it sounds like either your power supply, motherboard, or something on your mother board is going bad. You did unplug both the power cable and the IDE/SATA cable from the hard drive correct? If not, unplug both the cables this time and try again, see if the clicking persists.

    Next thing I would try after that is see if you can get a hold of a known good power supply and try it.
  4. i unpluged both wires and now im going to try the power supply from my girl friends computer so if that doesnt change anything then its probably the motherboard. i hope its just the power supply.
  5. Good luck :) Hope it brings some good news to you. Or at least better news than bad mobo.
  6. haha couldnt do anything yet becaus my gf's pc has a 24pin +4pin power supply and my old pc has just 20pin +4pin :S i have to ask a guy with who i work, might have a adapter for that... anyway i have to go to work il keep you updated
  7. You don't need an adapter for that, The extra 4 pins are auxillary power so you can still plug this in, just 4 pins will hang off the right side of your power supply connector on the motherboard. for info on this.

    If you still aren't sure. Do some further research on it.

    My advice is, if you are comfortable in trying it, give it a try, and if the clicking stops: Power down the machine, remove your GF's power supply and get a new power supply for your system. (prefferably one that has the extra 4 pins detachable from the main power connector. It will just make it easier to connect to your board :) ) Don't use the test power supply for an extended period of time.
  8. thanks alot, i didnt know that. as soon as i get the chance to try it again i will its just that now im not at my place for a few days so as soon as i try it ill post to say what happened. thanks again mewtwo
  9. No trouble at all :) Hope it works out ok for you.
  10. gona try using my gf's ps tomorow. havent had the time to do anything since last post.
  11. It the cpu overheating. Check that the heatsink is seated properly on the cpu. It may appear as though it is, but its not always the case, I recently seen something very similar, an arctic cooling heatsink with an amd 939 cpu, the two screws which pull the heatsink down onto the cpu were making contact with the surround clip of the cpu and effectively pushing the heatsink away from the cpu.
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