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I am looking for the best graphics card to buy for a Acer H223 LCD monitor. I am going to upgrade from my GeForce 7600 but don't know which ones to look at. I run Flight Simulator X.
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  1. Could u list the rest of your system?
  2. Can't be of much help with out system specifications but I can provide some general advice. For games, stay away from any nVidia cards that aren't x600 or x800 in series. and go with GT/GTX and not GS/GTS. Nvidia 8600GT/8800GT or 9600/9800 would be a nice choice. Even better are the GX2 cards, they are basically Dual Core GPUs. I don't know about the newer GTX200's and up though, never tried them nor had the money to try them lol. Just be aware that more powerful video card may mean you will need a more powerful power supply (depending on what you have now).
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