IDE and optical drive problem - M4A79XTD EVO

Shortly after I built my new system I asked Asus tech support about running the DDR3-1600 @1600 and they said I needed to update the BIOS. I did not know it at the time but that was incorrect because my X3 435 requires overclocking to run that fast. Per their advice I flashed from v.0507 to v.0704. No problems.
I still had a lingering problem with the installation of my optical drives which I had neglected to clear. The CDRW is an ATAPI drive and the DVDRW is a SATA and both had worked fine in my XP system. However in Win7, although showing in "Computer" they do not appear in Windows Explorer and despite the device manager seeing them as working correctly neither operates. And on boot the BIOS halts and reports "Primary Slave drive is ATAPI incompatible" There are no reports about the SATA device.
The related BIOS screen and my BIOS Manual do not match - when I look for the the IDE under "Onboard Devices Configuration" the screen does not list the Marvell IDE! It's simply not there. I'm wondering if it went away with BIOS v.0704??

Anybody else had this issue or perhaps give me a hint on how to proceed? I could care less about the IDE device, but this problem really perplexes me.

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  1. If the error is at the BIOS level there's no way for me to help you.

    My suggestion is to not only remove the PATA device (ribbon cabled) but also disable the IDE motherboard outputs in BIOS.
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