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Help: Everytime I run a game my computer restarts =/

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August 16, 2009 7:41:55 PM

I just built this computer, but i can't run any game. Some games don't even finish loading, like Need for Speed Undercover, and some games run for a very little while, like Left 4 Dead, then restarts.

CPU: Intel Core I7 920
Mobo: Intel Extreme DX58SO
2x2gb Corsair DDR3 (i'll get another one soon)
Audigy 4
2 SATA HDDs, 1x 120gb, 1x 500gb
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 700w
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

After googling, i thought i had to update the video drivers, i did, and nothing. Now im thinking its the PSU, because it's actually like 2 years old and had to be repaired once. I tested it with a friend's Agiler PSU 1200w, but i couldn't even turn on the computer. I know there is an update for the mobo's BIOS that adds SLI support, but i dont really know if i need it or if it has something to do with my problem even though im not using SLI. I'd like to be sure before spending 150$~ on a new PSU and finding out it wasn't the problem. (I feel it is, but i'd like to have some feedback before trying)

Thanks ^^

PD: In the case i have to get a new PSU, i was considering this one:

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August 16, 2009 8:13:59 PM

well, yes it does sound like you PSU is dead. 700W should be plenty, but if it has been serviced, i would take 700 with a grain of salt. you may want to completely uninstall all video drivers and reinstall with the latest ones, just to make sure there are no conflicts. (Good for all around PC health.)

One other problem could be the temps your computer is running at. Check the temps using CoreTemp, or Speedfan, and check your GPU temp with GPU-z. If your computer is too hot, it will shutoff. SpeedFan will also let you adjust your fan speeds, which may be necessary.


If your temps are really high, turn up the fan speeds. If you cannot bring the temps down, look into purchasing a new CPU cooler, since it seems you are using the stock cooler.

If it is your PSU, try looking for a PC Power and Cooling or Corsair. 700W will be plenty for what you are doing, and even if you decide to do SLI'd 280's.

Some good power supplies if that is the problem:
Corsair 750W:
PC P&C 750W:
Corsair 850W:

Corsair also offers a modular version, but they are more expensive. I hope this helps.
August 16, 2009 8:16:58 PM

what voltage does your ram run at.
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August 16, 2009 8:27:24 PM

since your friends psu doesnt work either, i'd suggest running memtest86 after checking that cpu and ram voltages are correct.
a c 92 B Homebuilt system
August 16, 2009 8:31:38 PM

Run a couple of tests to eliminate other causes.
1) run memtest 86+ for a full pass. You should see NO errors.
2) Run prime95 with rounding error checking. Run it long enough for the cpu to get fully hot. You should see no errors.

It is possible that the vga card is defective.

I doubt that it is the psu, but if it has been repaired, then that is a possibility.

On a hunch, uninstall the sound card and use the motherboard HD sound which is very good. Some sound card drivers seem to have strange problems.
August 17, 2009 4:24:33 AM

First, i want to thank you all for your advice.

Now, i ran memtest86+ and Prime95. memtest86+ passed without any errors. I ran prime95 for 4hours aprox and there were no errors either. Here are some images from SpeedFan while idle and during prime95's stress test.


Stress Test

Also, i thought the audio hunch was quite good, since my brother had a similar problem, only that he had BSOD while playing, until someone told him to uninstall his audio card. Problem fixed. Sadly, it didn't solve mine.

Btw, i found out probably why my friend's PSU didn't work, it only had 30A in the 12v rail, the video card needs a minimum of 48 i think it was.

So, it's safe to say it is the PSU? =/

August 17, 2009 1:55:58 PM

try testing your video card in another system then run 'furmark' to stress it. If your card is defective, the system will shutdown just like when playing games.
August 18, 2009 12:58:25 AM

Well, i tested my video card on my friend's computer, which is basically the same as mine, but he has a new Thermaltake 750w, his ram isn't corsair and has 1 HDD 500gb. Furmark ran just fine, and Need for Speed Undercover too. I tested Furmark on my computer, and it restarts too, faster at higher resolutions and use of AA. I think is now safe to think its my PSU. But just to be sure, ill test now his PSU on my computer with my video card.

EDIT: it was definitely the PSU. Tested his PSU on my computer and games run just fine. Oh well, buy a new one it is. Thank you very much to all of you for your help :bounce: