External Hard drive (usb) problem

I hope someone can help me.
I have a 400 gigs hard drive. (External usb device, Mecer Bravo)that does not respond on any of my pc's. It has a red and green light. Both lights work, I used software recovery products and could retrieve the information.
Now I want to know is there a way to fix the drive.
What happened? My xp switched off without being prompted to. And now the external hard drive is not recognised.
Please if anyone know what I can do so that the drive can be used again, I would really appreciate the help.
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  1. Hello,

    Tell us more about your Mecer Bravo external HDD. I don't see it listed on their website. Is it a 2.5" 500GB SATA drive in an external USB case? Does it have any other type of connection available, like a eSATA option?

    Also did you mean you were able to get all the information you had saved, off of the drive to a safe location?

    Couple things can happen if you have an abrupt power loss, the cache not yet written to the HDD can be lost, corrupting some or all the files, or even a power surge when the power came on could have crippled the drive. Suspect the former.

    Did you get an installation disk with the drive?

    Also connected to a separate computer thru the USB or SATA connector, go to the Disk Management snap-in and see if this drive is listed there. In the bottom graphical section tell us what is listed in the Drive Status box (left) and also what is listed in the Volume Status box (below the blue band).

    That will help the group better figure out what happened and how to fix it.
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