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By mistake I had formatted(quick format) my local Disk: J.
Is there any way to recover my all data? If yes then how
Please Help(any reply will be like a diamond ring for me) My OS is WIN 7
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  1. I think most data recovery tools (like the pay Recover My Files or the free Recuva) require running in a Windows environment and ideally you should not be running the hard drive that you are scanning, so you might need to make that hard drive a slave, boot onto another hard drive with Windows installed on it and then scan the drive for lost data. But since you already installed Windows 7, you probably lost all data in the segments of the hard drive that Windows was install on. The other data might still be recoverable. If you are asking about recovering the entire hard drive including the Windows XP installation, I doubt you will achieve that with any tool pay or free.
  2. Hi there,

    Need to be more precise if your Drive J: is your system drive, or just a secondary data drive. Sounds like a secondary data drive?
    I agree with enderwiggen, if you want to get back all your data, don't write anything to the drive until after you've recovered your data.

    When you quick format a drive, your file data is not overwritten, it's still there.

    Here is a good article by Easeus discussing how to recover from a quick format. They are a very good company and most of their formatting and disk recovery tools are free, which you can download.

    Hope that helps
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