Problem with PNY GTX295

My system:
Asus P5E3 Deluxe\Wi-Fi,
Intel Q9650
XFX GT8800 - 528mb
OCZ1600 – 1gb x 2
Asus Essence STX
WD150gb, SeaGate 750gb

Ultra X3 800wt – power supply

I got a new video card – PNY GTX295 for birthday, so I decided to upgrade.
New card needs two power extras – 6-pin and 8-pin, both 12 volts.
When I installed new card and tried restart PC, nothing happened. PC wasn’t responsive at all,
no POST’ing ot anything, except green light on the board. But I noticed short movement of fan in power supply, and that’s it. I tried resetting power cables - 6 & 8-pins, and noticed that to connect 8-pins you have to put more pressure, like push harder. But other than that, no other abnormalities were visible, and still no post’ing.

I tried to remove power extra cables from video card and suddenly computer returned to life – it started waking-up (but I immediately shut it down, because no extra power cables was connected to video card). My first guess was that power supply doesn’t provide enough power, so I decided to connect one 6-pin cable to video card, start PC and then connect another 8-pin cable. But when I tried this, I saw and heard sparks and cracks in video card input for 8-pin (small but visible and audible). The same happened when I switch extra power cables - started with 8-pin, and then after pressing “power” button connected 6-pins cable.

My questions are:

1) What I did wrong?

Did I fried $500 videocard?

2) Could be a faulty 8-pins cable?

3) May be this video card was broken from the beginning?

I’m kind of scared and upset. It was such a great gift from my wife, and most powerful card for today, and suddenly complete clusterfrack. So I put my old XFX Alpha-Dog GT8800 back to case and everything came to life again, nice and shiny and at least I can write on forums and search Web. But, geez – brand new 2 GB video card dead because of my ignorance? It’s killing me, and before I committ suicide, please share you experience.

Please tell me what I did wrong and what to do next. I really appreciate all you suggestions.

P.S. (sorry my mistakes – English is my second language)
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  1. Normally I'd say it is a PSU issue, but the Ultra you have installed is a quality unit with plenty of power, carefully check it is connected correctly and you did not disturb the card when pushing the connectors onto it.
    It also sounds like you are connecting/disconnecting power leads while the system is running, this is a very, very bad idea, please do not do so again!
  2. how I can test videocard? is it in working condition or not?
    I can order overnight delivery another videocard or power supply.
    Is there any possibility that 8-pin cable was the cause of sparks?
  3. SGasan116 said:
    how I can test videocard? is it in working condition or not?

    Try it in another PC.
    It might work there............
  4. I should be using PCI-E cable, but only now I found out that it was +12v - 8-pin cable.

    This is where I made a mistake.
    There wasn't any adapters or cables inside the box, which is strange, because they should put Y-power cables or adapters inside of box.

    For now I have 6-pin to 8-pin PCI-E cables. Is it possible to use for second 8-pin input on card? Or I should order 8-pin to 8-pin cable?
    On power supply I hve only one 8-pin output and three - 6-pin.

    I do not want to experiment again, just want to know for sure. It's really stressful situation.
  5. you can find some molex to 6/8 pins provided you've got plenty of molex

    its a single rail right?
  6. don't sure that I understand the question. I'm not so advanced technically.
  7. SGasan116 said:
    don't sure that I understand the question. I'm not so advanced technically.

    searched and its single rail, id recommend these

    edit; those were for mobo power$S180W$
  8. damn! it's only 8" long - too short!
  9. lol, if i were you i'd look for molex extension cables as well, that was the only cable i could find on newegg that wasnt for motherboard power
  10. @ SGasan116: If I'm reading your posts correctly, you have a 6-pin to 8-pin PCI-E cable. This is fine to use, no problems.
    Sounds like all you have done is mistake the 8-pin motherboard outlet on the PSU for an 8-pin PCI-E outlet, you're not the first and certainly will not be the last;)
    Just connect one 6-to-6 pin cable and the 6-to-8-pin converter cable and all should be well.
  11. Yes, it worked!

    I connected 6-to-8 pin cable (6-pin end to PS and 8-pin end to card) and PC booted up.

    Thank everybody for help. I really appreciate it!
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    You have a gr8 chance LOL
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