Help! CPU or GPU fan speed is somehow linked to CPU/GPU utilization

I'm not quite sure what I changed, but at some point using a util like Speedfan or my mainboards utils, there is a fan inside my chassis that ramps up in speed seemingly as i do something that requires heavy cpu or gpu processing (such as playing a 3d game in high resolution).

at first I thought it was temperature related, because i would sometimes get into the high 90s internal temp while playing, but then i noticed the fan speeds back down almost immediately after exiting the game and i know those components don't cool down that quickly.

The noise it makes is pretty loud, and looking for any advice on how to force my fans to respond only to physical temperature levels, not what I'm doing on the computer. I've looked through my bios settings and utils and can't seem to figure out how I made the change, or how to undo it!
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  1. oh, btw, i am using a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R mainboard
  2. Use util / mobo not different , your fan cpu cooler just will ran at max by spec, it's will be different with gpu fan, default fan gpu ran at 50% and ussually use soft utility from driver or use afterburner fro increase speed
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