What is the best graphics card?

I was wondering which is the best GPU out now for gaming? (price is no object) the cards can be either ati or nividia. thanks.
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    Right now the GTX 295 is the best but like others said on the 10th in just a few days that may change

    Also thow you should think about the games your playing and if they use SLI or not.

    If they don't use SLI a GTX 295 will be the same speed as a 275 in which case the 285 would be better since it only has one processer instead of 2 in sli like the 295

    the best rig you should be able to have i think if you have the ungodly level of money would be 2 GTX 295 in SLI that would be over kill for anything currently out there.
  2. Yeah the 295 like everyone said. There is a big difference between the best graphics card and the best one without breaking the bank though.
  3. money no object and off the shelf an not limited ( rog mars only has 1000 units made) the 295 zotac infinity liquid cooled perfection
  4. Quote:
    5870x2 being announced this Thursday Sep 10th from Ati.

    Might be a bit surprised come then. I don't believe that is the actual model number. ;)
  5. Quote:
    Worlds first 4 way SLI card. [...] s%20Family

    Wow that's pretty hot.
  6. not a single 285 qaud sli or even tri sli in sight
  7. Wow. 4890 doing some work there. If the 5 series turns out well...
  8. The GTX295 for game use...or the Nvidia Quadro fx5800....
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