Completely Ignorant Question on SSD Adapters

This is the first time I've needed to put a 2.5" drive into a desktop and I'm getting confused on what kind of adapter I need. I know I could just stick it in there, but I'd rather not have it moving around. Could some kind soul link me to a few options?

In the event it matters, the case is a 900 and the SSD I'm sticking in there is an OCZ Solid 3.

PS: Where the heck is the search option on these forums? I'm sure this has already been asked 1000 times before.
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    For me, the Search option is in the big box labeled Search at the top-center of the page. It tends to search both the Forums and the articles.

    There are lots of ways to mount a 2.5" drive in a 3.5" bay. These vary from simple rails to make the drive wider, to a 3.5" enclosure that has mounts for a 2.5" drive, to what I use, a drive tray that actually holds two 2.5" drives.

    In my PC, my SSD lives in one of these: . I have it mounted internally, since I don't really want my system drive available for instant removal.

    Edit: A rock-basic pair of rails: . The inside screws onto your drive, the outside screws into a 3.5" bay. Interestingly, these are not compatible with my SSD, which only has bottom-holes for screws. These rails use the side-holes.

    A little fancier, and can take two drives:

    I have a VelociRaptor 2.5" that I used to use as my system drive. It was incredibly noisy in the IcyDock 2.5" to 3.5" adapter and heat sink that it came in. Removing the IcyDock voided the warranty, but eliminated most of the noise. I have a special adapter for that one: It screws into a 3.5" bay and holds the drive suspended with rubber bands. Looks silly, but there is no acoustic coupling to the case, and it keeps that sucker quiet. Aah, I found it: . Looks ridiculous, but does the job. Can you believe that people use system drives that cost less than this piece of something?
  2. Thanks a ton. This is exactly what I needed to know.

    And I didn't think about the search box at the top being the forums search button.
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