4870 in hybrid crossfire mode??

silly question just brought a sapphire 4870 2gb vapour x... just wondering if you can use this in the hybrid crossfire mode??? motherboards a 790gx based chipset...with integrated HD3200 graphics,

if you can is it likely to make any difference??
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  1. No, different chip sets, they are not compatible.
  2. Well the main purpose of Hybrid CrossFire is to CrossFire a low-end card with the integrated card,so i think u can CrossFire a HD 4870 with the HD 3200 but its useless because the performance gain won't be noticeable
  3. Quote:
    different chipsets?? ROFL Video cards dont have chipsets buddy!

    The hybrid crossfire only works with lower end video cards.

    but it will still work right. i am wandering that is it better to cross fire cos if u leave it at idle it will use the 3200 not the 4970 and also don't waste the 3200 gc
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