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Ok, so here's the scoop. My mobo died after 6 months of using two underpowered power supplies with a phenom 9500 and hd 4830, I've triple checked every part, and replaced every removable part, so this isn't a discussion about what the problem is :P

Here's the problem. When I bought the phenom 9500 6 months ago, it was extremely cheap ($100 CDN), and the 4830 seemed like the best card for for what I need (only have a 19" monitor right now). Now that I need to pick out a new mobo, I may as well think about changing processor sockets. I'm deciding between the phenom II 940 and waiting for a core i5. Normally I wouldn't even ask about opinions on unreleased products, but we already know the approximate speed of them and approximate price.

If I were to get an AM2+ mobo, then I can use the phenom 9500 for a few weeks while I wait for my next cheque to get the the phenom II. With an i5, all would have to be bought at once, obviously.

Oh, and the issue about buying new ram for the i5 is irrelevant, the ram I was using was DDR2-667 that had to be underclocked to DDR2-500 to get it to run. So I will be buying new ram no matter which mobo I choose.

Also, I plan on upgrading to a 22-24" monitor in the future, and I'll likely be getting one thats 1920x1080 for movie purposes. That said, a 4830 isn't gunna cut it with that monitor. Now, if I were to upgrade my video card straight up, then I would be able to get a low end mobo with no SLi/CF support - or, i can get a mobo with CF support and get a second 4830. I'm thinking the answer to this one might very well end up being: live with the 4830 until DX11 cards come out - opinions?

TLDR: 2 questions, first one: Phenom II 940 vs core i5 and second one: upgrade my HD4830 vs CF it.

edit: I also live in canada, so the i5 will take even longer after release to fall to reasonable prices.
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  1. i would be inclined to stick with amd as the i5's are not going to be better than i7 and going crossfire would probably be the most cost effective way of upping fps.
  2. DX11 cards will have no real boost over any other dx10 cards. Not many games utilize dx10, so dx11 games will be slim.
  3. frankenfire dude frankefire get a 4850 an put it with your 4830 or a 4770 .crossfire isnt restrictive 2 similar gen cards can be frankenfired
  4. From the research I've done, if I were to use a 4850 with a 4830, I wouldn't be gaining more than an fps or two over a 4830... it makes sense really, using AFR the 4850 would have to wait until the 4830 is done it's work before it can output it's frame. Of course, I could be wrong? shoot me some benchmarks if I am.

    I dont know about ATI's dx11 cards, but isn't the GTX3XX series expected to be worlds faster than the 2XX ? I'm only assuming the 58XX series would be faster too, but hey, I shouldn't have to wait too long to find out right? :D
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