Computer wont start

My xp computer starts up and says windows cant start successfully and on a black screen it says
start windows normally
safe mode
safe mode with network
safe mode with command prompt

but I cant select anything nothing is working and it will just come back onto this screen and options it also says look at recent settings but i cant it keeps bringing me back to this and I dont have a xp disc either
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  1. You cannot select safe mode?
  2. I Think You Are Using USB Keyboard . That's Why You Can't Select Any Option. Plug A PS2 Keyboard Then Restart PC. Select SAFE MODE And After Window Open With Safe Mode Restore Your System. If You Still Facing Same Problem Then You Need To Repair Of Reinstall Window With Windows XP Bootable Disk.
  3. You need an XP disk to do anything, you can order a replacement restore set from the PC vendor, unless you built it yourself.

    A Repair setup should help you, but need a disk for that. Make sure it's the exact same version of XP as the one you are running.
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