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I have decided to buy the OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 180gb for my computer, which is currenctly using a WD 500gb 32 mb cache HDD. Since the HDD is going to be used as an external wireless Hard drive, my SSD will by the primary and only storage drive on my computer. My question is, how do i move all my files from the HDD to SSD so that no files are lost (that includes the OS Windows 7 64 bit as well). Currently I am only using 112gb of the HDD..

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  1. You can use Norton Ghost(it will cost you $60) or another Disk Imaging Software, which create images(Basically a snapshot of your current machine registry, files, settings, ect) and allows you to transfer and copy them over to new drives. Though they can sometimes become corrupt during the imaging process so make sure you keep your original files until you are sure everything works properly. I wouldn't suggest this option.

    I personally would install the OS fresh on the new drive and use the other drive as internal storage.
  2. Windows 7 has a backup image software utility free, as a built-in feature. This is an option along with Norton Ghost or another very popular program - Acronis
  3. Every where I read its best to do a clean install, update your chipset drivers at Intel driver downloads rapid storage technology (RST). Better to backup your music, pictures and documents to an external drive and replace them to a storage drive after windows installation/updates are complete.
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