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I'm just finishing my first pc build and the last component I need is a gpu. I'm deciding between the XFX 1GB 4870 XXX ($190), and the XFX 1GB 4850 ($150). My monitor is a 20" LG with a native resolution of 1600x900. Which would be the best for lasting me several years? I want to play my games in the 1600x900 with high settings.

Examples of games I play/plan to play:

The Witcher
F.E.A.R 1 & 2
Diablo III (I know, no idea on specs, but that's okay).

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  1. Your best bet would be to try and hang on for a couple of weeks or less and then look at the price of the 4870 and 4890.
  2. I'm not expecting price drops on the 48xx series until like October which is a bit too long to wait, so I'm going to be buying one of these within the next couple days. Any thoughts on which of the two cards would be better?

    *I'm not getting a 58xx, waaaay too spendy for my blood.
  3. I'm not an ATi user so of those two I'd choose a GTX275 but if you must go ATi then the 4870 is better, although whether it's $40 dollars better is something you will have to decide.
  4. Thanks mousemonkey, I just want to be sure that I'll have enough power to play at 1600x900 without a lot of trouble.
  5. If you want to keep this new build for a couple of years, I'd suggest the HD4890 or (as Mousemonkey said) the GTX275, they're both more expensive I know, but they're a better long-term purchase.
    From your original post: The HD4870 is the better choice, just remember to register whichever you purchase to get the full warranty.
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