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Hey everyone.

Just a quick question, I've heard that If you plug a case fan into the motherboard, the fan will be controlled by the motherboard instead of running at full speed like it does when it is plugged into the PSU. Is this the case?


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  1. Pretty much bang on yes,
    You can get software so you take over from the mobo, speedfan etc but in lack of that the Mobo decides whats needed,
    or theres fan controllers you can plug from psu and tweak the knobs as you see fit
    lots of options out there depending on your wishes
  2. Okay thanks for your help. Very useful :)
  3. No problem man,
  4. I'd suggest buying 2 of these just for the future. I don't know how many fans you have on your case but I got the HAF 922. I just bought 2 120mm cooler master fans for side of it. I have 3 fan 3 prong spots on my MB + the 1 cpu cooler fan 3 prong. And since my case is stock with a front intake, rear exhaust and top exhaust fan(3 fans). I bought 2 splitters so I can run the 2 side fans on the bottom prong, and top and front on another and have 1 slot for another fan. People for this wire said that they are very long so that isn't an issue even thiough they look short in the picture. Plus if you are buying something else with free shipping, I'm sure new egg wont charge you shipping for the wires being there.
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