Help a newbie overclock 2500k

I just got a 2500k that I want to over clock and I would like some input during the process.

so i read up on what I could about my motherboards bios settings and overclocking in general and made some adjustments to the bios including increase the multiplier to 46. ( not 100 percent sure i can remember everthing i changed, but i will try to keep better track of that.)
I verified i am running at 4592 in cpu z
with core voltage seems to flutuate between 1.29 to 1.33

then i ran prime overnight.

after an hour i got one error on core 1.
so i restarted without making any bios changes
after 5 hours and still running I have no errors yet.
3 of the cores just passed 14k
but the 4th core just passed 12k

my temps are staying around 62C on full load and under 40C normal loads.

so what do I do next?

how would i attempt to make this system more stable at these speeds?
for increasing the OC do i just increase the multiplier to say 48 and try again?
How can I tell if my chip is a good one for overclocking or not?
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  1. I want to consolodate these two threads.
    here is my previous post about this subject.

    I need and want to MAX OC my 2500k.
    I am working with ram disks and doing benchmarking so I need max cpu power for these.
    also if i get a few years out of my cpu and then it dies because i OC it that is fine.
    I just want to make sure it does not die this year or next.
    nuff said

    So I am starting with 2500k and Hyper 212 plus 120 mm with two fans.

    Do I need a special power supply in order to achieve the max OC?
    my current power supply is right on the edge of supplying enough 12v power depending on the vcore and other stuff i have on the pc.

    So I might need to consider another one.

    I am going to stick with my motherboard for now which is biostar taz68a+
    what about ram do i NEED to have high speed ram to OC?
    right now i am just using 1333 and if possible i would rather focus on OC cpu NOT ram.

    lastly what should i do if there is some instability in my computer when I OC?
    is there anything i can do to fix that?
  2. anything above 4~4.8 ghz will not improve your CPU performance.-

    i7 2600k and 2500k are equal in gaming.4.7 an 5.2ghz equal performance.dont risk your chip by overclocking 4.2+.if you want something like 5 ghz at good temps,minimum requirement would be corsair H100 or other double or single loop water cooling.
  3. my temps are 62 under full load.
    not sure why water cooling is needed in this situation.

    as far as performance improvement that is exactly what I intend to find out MYSELF
    I am a computer student and this is what i am into, high performance computers.
  4. so how do i stop getting messages about this thread if i do not think i got the answer i was looking for ?
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