Dilemma : Build it now or Later o.0

Hey, im new to the community but not really, been reading alot on here as a guest =p. i am really geared towards AMD 955 but was wondering should i really build one now or wait til sept or Black FRIDAY!!! i was wondering how much i would save by doing so. I am thinking about spending no more than 700 if i build one now.

AMD 955 or Q9550
600+ watt PSU
4gb DDR3 ram or 6 GB DDR2 RAM
4850 Vid card 1GB XFX

so yea like most people the future proof vs the intel dilemma, but im pretty certain i would not want to change my Processor or anything for the next 5 years so whats the best choice?
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  1. Depends, what you are using it for? Will your budget increase between now and then? Are any of the parts coming out useful for your build? If your buddget isnt going to increase at all, or you arent intending to do hard core gaming you are best of building in the near future and watching for good deals.
  2. o yea my fault forgot, i plan on doing decent gaming, AIon, CS:S, Streetfighter IV and at the same time i want to listen to music/ or watch videos and surf the web with no lag while the games are at highest settings =p. THx

    edit: the game will be played on a LG 19 in 2ms monitor, and the res will probably no larger than ~1500 i might go the max but currently comfy with 1200
  3. am i allowed to bump
  4. after 5 years anything yo buy will be old , but the intel quad is old already and theres no reason to buy one

    buy a 945 phenom , same part clocked a little lower . cheaper

    4 gig of DDR3 in an AM3 mb ,
    either 790 g mb or the gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P if you will only use one gfx card

    decent psu nothing too cheap , must have active pcf voltage control
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