Will overclocking by a large amount reduce my cpu and gpu lifespan


I was wondering whether overclocking my i5 2500k to 4.4 ghz and both of my hd6950's from 800mhz to 910mhz significantly reduce its life span. My i5 is running at 1.38v and my hd 6950's are at 1.18v from 1.10 stock. The temps are at 75-80C for the cpu and around 75-80C for the hottest gpu and 70-75C for the cooler one. The shaders are also unlocked on my hd 6950's. Are these safe temps and voltages and will these components last around 3-4 years overclocked?

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    Short of a random failure, as long as you stay within the maunfacturer's max safe voltage and temps, your system will be obsolete long before it fails from the effects of overclocking.

    Having said that, your CPU temp is a little high. Your GPU temps are OK.
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