Gigabyte EP45-UD3P RJ 45 LAN not working

Hi Everyone,
Need help: New build day one RJ 45 LAN ports worked (everything worked great). Day two, RJ 45 LAN ports do not work, no orange or green lights when connected.
Installed a wireless card, worked great (just not fast).

Ran the SMART LAN in the Bios, received:
Part 1-2 Status - Normal/Length=0m
Part 3-6 Status - Normal/Length = 0m
Part 4-5 Status - Short/Length = 2m
Part 7-8 Status - Short/Length = 2m

Changed cables and ran right from the modem with no hub in between. Same. I checked the LAN port on a laptop (which I am on now) and it works great.

I am thinking the board is shot. Will try a PCI card LAN today. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Try to reload the LAN driver from the CD that came with the motherboard.
  2. Yes, did that. Then went to get the latest drivers from GByte website, still nothing. Reformatted HDrive and reloaded Vista thinking that a program I added somehow caused it to fail. Still not working. Added a PCI card, works great.
    Went to the Device manager and tried to update the driver, said "Device can not start."

  3. I had this same issue on the 1.6 Version board, I was searching the web and come across a thread and the fix is to turn off quickboot in the bios and that fixed my issue. I was about to return the board to newegg.
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