Getting bad FPS with 285 GTX

Hello, recently I bought a 285 GTX from I play a lot of graphic intense games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Counter-Strike Source, etc. After installing this card I booted up WoW and was getting about 30 FPS, Guild Wars was around 50-70 FPS and CSS about 40-80 FPS. This made me kind of angry because my old card (9800 GT) was getting around the same. My drivers are all up to date, my computer stays about 25 Degrees Celsius in game and video card stays pretty cool.

Here are my specs:
AMD 9800 Phenom Black edition 2.2GHZ
MSI Motherboard K9N SLI V2
Seagate 7200RPM 260G Hardrive
Silverstone 600W power supply
8G Dual Channel OCZ RAM

If you know of any problems that be causing my video card to be getting bad framerate, please post a comment. Thanks.
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  1. Sounds like a classic case of a CPU bottleneck. See if you can OC that CPU a little bit and you'll likely see a good jump in FPS. If not I'd recommend upgrading your CPU to something a bit faster.

    I get about 250-300 FPS average (low of like 150 if there are a lot of people) depending on the number of players with my setup on CS:S btw. 1680x1050 resolution max settings including max AA.
  2. Right now its OC to about 2.3GHZ. I could try to adjust it some more.
  3. if i remember correctly, the phenom 9850 BE is clocked at 2.5ghz.. whats it doing at 2.3???

    and agreed with raidur, definately a CPU bottleneck.
  4. your in luck your board supports am3 tech get an 720 tri or any 9xx phenom2 they will blow your hair back an then some and eat a 9850 in one lick
  5. if it is 2.2ghz i think its 9500 not 9800 and yes 9850 is 2.5ghz stock. And yes ur cpu is bottlenecking gtx285 hands down.
  6. to test if its you cpu download fraps and set your res to min spec then a bit higher res an bit higher and get avg fps if there isn't significant variation its a cpu bottleneck
  7. Sorry made a mistake, I actually have a 9600 2.39GHZ, its clocked about 2.4GHZ right now
  8. Not really important to the topic, but the games you listed aren't "graphics intensive" compared to current games. LOL. :D
  9. in game and video card stays pretty cool.

    uhm no modern graphics card stays cool
  10. I didn't mean actual cool.... its at least cooler than 60 degrees Celsius. Around
  11. Are you sure it can support Phenom II... I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
  12. have a look jus be sure to update bios with your current cpu insalled
  13. How much am I going to have to spend for one of these?
  14. no ur motherboard doesnt support phenom 2.

    Ur GTX285 is bottlenecked by the cpu. Try to overclock it to atleast 2.6GHZ so u can pretty much see some improvement.

    Another thing is check out ur driver. clean the old driver with driver sweeper and install new driver.
  15. well the new 720 is $120 an the 945 is $170 anywhere between those prices the top line is 955 at $190 an the 965 a bit more his board does support phenom 2 look on my link his board 4th from the bottom
  16. yeag the 720 would work fine its a great inbetween performance chip
  17. Alright then, I'll order that soon and if it doesn't work I'll have a nice paper weight.
  18. oh sorry then it was my misunderstanding thanks :)

    but i heard phenom II doesnt run in AM2 boards. i m not very much expert in AMD processor so i mayb wrong. but be sure about it
  19. am3 cpu's are compatible with ddr2 and ddr3 ram it can be used in most am2+ boards and some am2 boards with bios update
  20. If the chipset is AM2 how do you expect it to work with AM3 chipset....
  21. its fits right in only difference between am3 an am2/am2+ in am3 has 2 less pins here is the bios update
  22. dont think so since your board only supports up to 95w tdp
  23. Damnit
  24. there is a 945 95 watt out
  25. Dude why are you buying those stuff much of a hassle man. You don't know how to overclock? If you do then just overclock, if you don't read some guides and save some money, because there's no point buying these hardware components when i5 is coming out the next day, everything will be worth a lot less.

    edit: obsidian86, i just googled something and on gamespot there's Obsidian, would that be you too just curious :D
  26. dont think thats me
  27. Guys you must be joking!! he has 9600 black. It can be easily overclocked up to 2.6 which is enough to max out the 285 GTX.
  28. in my 2nd post i told him to go atleast 2.6ghz overclock. but seems like he dont know how to do that. maybe u guys can link up a post of an overclocking tutorial so he can get the most out of his cpu.
  29. Anyway Phenom II is not listed in your MB supported CPUs neither the latest Phenomx4 black, which indicates that your MB doesn't support 125 watts cpu and therefore overclocking your 9600 could be hazardous!
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