Are these temps ok to OC?

I just installed an IGSC 300 on my i7 920. The bios says the temperature is 32C (I think this is called tcase). Also, RealTemp says the core temp is 47C. Are these temps ok for me to OC up to 3.4 GHz without stability issues, or are they too hot? Should I remount the cooler to possibly get lower temperatures? I apologize if I didn't use the proper technical terms for my temperatures.
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  1. Those look good enough for overclocking to me.
  2. Idle temperatures are relatively insignificant. Run Prime95 Small FFT's for 10 minutes to acquire some meaningful temperature information.
  3. Ok, I ran Small FFT's for 10 minutes exactly on Prime95. My second core was up to 98C at the 10 minute mark, with the other three a few degrees cooler. I did not get any errors or warnings on the threads, which I guess is positive. I assume this is too high to OC?
  4. ok now get off the stock cooling lol
  5. i7 9xx Core temperatures should not exceed 73c. Your temperatures indicate that one of the push-pins is not seated completely through the motherboard. Firmly push on each leg one at a time while running Prime95 Small FFT's and watch your temperatures. You will find one corner which flexes very slightly, and causes the temperatures to decrease rapidly.

    This is the leg which is causing poor thermal contact. Stop Prime 95, then retract and reset the pin. Push on the leg (not the pin) with one hand and hold it firmly against the motherboard, then push the pin with the other hand until it clicks. Run Prime95 Small FFT's again, and you should see much lower Core temperatures.
  6. Ok, so I'm pretty sure I get what your saying. The CPU cooler is not on properly, and one of the legs is not all the way through the motherboard and the heatsink is not working to its optimal ability. So I should see which leg it is and fix it by testing them all while prime95 is running?
  7. Yes.
  8. It's late here, so I'll do this tomorrow when I have more light, and tell you how it goes. Thanks for the help guys, I was pretty annoyed that my CPU was too hot to overclock, and now I know why.
  9. We'll be here. :sol:
  10. Ok, I ran Prime95 and pushed on the pins, and you were right. When I moved the cooler a certain way the temps dropped by at least 3C in the second core, which is hotter than the rest. I'm going to have to remount the cooler :( . Thanks for the amazing help. I never would have figured out the problem on my own.
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