Awesome deal on newegg for Noctua DH-14

Currently they offer a Noctua DH-14 with a 30$ fan control 5.25" bay for 85$. Fan control comes with it for free, I contacted new egg because I couldn't apply a $10 new customer code and they said free item cant be removed from the product etc and code wouldn't work because I got free item. And they said buy the item and then we will credit your account $10.00 when you get a customer invoice.
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  1. Anyone buying one ?
  2. i have heard great things about the noctua dh-14, what cpu are u gone use it on?
  3. It's a decent HSF and it sounds like a good deal if you need a fan control too.
  4. To me, there are coolers that do just as well for less. The Spire eclipse II is rated higher and can be found for $55 all day long. I can find decent fan controllers for $20.
    Considering the retail price of the Noctua D14, I suppose its a decent deal. I'm not buying one.
  5. Well you get a 30$ fan controller for free. the cooler that most people want. and possibly 10$ off if you talk to customer service. So 115$ worth of items for 70$
  6. The Xigmatek Aegir 128264 is also a good HSF and cheaper than the DH-14 which is why I listed the test data link at Frosty Tech for those interested.
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