My computer keeps on shutting down a few minutes after startup

every time i startup my computer, it starts up just fine then after a few minutes, probably around 10, it shutsdown. My heatsync thing or whatever is fine now i just put some new stuff on it and i thought that would solve the problem, but it just made it start up faster :D but it didn't fix my problem. Can someone please help me? Thanks. oh yeah and it sends error messages when it starts up and the windows website says my bios needs an update and my nvidia 6600 geforce does too. My Motherboard type is ... Phoenix techs LTD 6.00 PG, 8/22/2002
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  1. Try different memory, see if that works. What stuff did you put on it?
  2. Update what needs to be updated.
    1:check core temps if they are high then go to 2
    2:Are your cpu, north/south bridge and their heatsink temps different?
    If yes then go to question 3.
    3:Is your thermal compound good enough or applied good enough?
    If yes then go to question 4.
    4:Is your pc generating more heat than it should even with good cooling?
    If yes then tell us
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