USB or internal network adaptors?

I have Netgear WRT624 V.3 "super G" wireless in the basement. My PC and PS3 are connected by wire. My kids 3 PCs have b or g cards and my Son also has an Xbox wireless adapter. My Wife has a new PC with N capability.
My router is acting up lately so that the wireless doesn't work until you unplug it and restart. The wired keeps working though. I have the latest firmware they offer, btw. It seems a common problem for this router, with no solution from Netgear other than a hard reset. If they can't do better, they go on my list of companies to avoid for the rest of my life.

Anyway I figured I would buy a new router, perhaps the N standard. So if I do, and keep all my old adaptors, will the Wife's PC work at N speed/range? Or if I replace some with N, will it work? I have 2PCs in the
basement with the router, but my son's PC and Xbox are on the 2nd floor. I thought I might upgrade his adapter since he is the furthest away.

So at Newegg I found an awesome looking D Link router
And I was looking for an N card for my Son. I wondered is an internal one had any benefit over a USB style?
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  1. use usb adapters!
  2. dir 655 and dir 825 are better.the dir 825 is dual band so you can run 2 networks at once.1 2.4 ghz the 2 will be 5.0 ghz
  3. There are people who'd say that PCI is preferable -- can be tougher to install than USB but reception seems better.
  4. thats why i said usb,way better reception!
  5. No, my experience shows that PCI gives better reception -- and based on forum posts some USB sticks have a habit of overheating and dying prematurely. The benefit of USB is simpler installation.
  6. i use dlink dwa 160 extreme n adapters and they work way better than the pci cards i had in the rigs!
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