I7 920: First ever build, OCing, MoBo, Cooling, PSU and case help

Alright. I'm building a computer. I'll try any website, but I prefer Newegg.com

I only know this so far:
Processor = I7 920
Vid Card = 4870 x2 (not sure what brand yet)

I need a Motherboard that has an IEEE 1394 port. I'd also like it to be a good overclocker. I'm also trying to pay less than $300 for it, but feel free to suggest anything if you feel it's a good deal.

I'm planning on overclocking my I7. I was wondering if I needed a better cooling system if I only OC'd to 3.3~3.4 GHz. If you think I do, if you could suggest something for me (preferably something easy to install).

Finally, I need a PSU and a case but have no clue how to go about choosing them. Should I go modular with the PSU? Please help me decide.

With help on this, I will have

Vid Card

What other tools/hardware will i need in order to build this computer? (It's my first time building a computer and I'll probably end up just watching someone who is experienced do it for me, but I'd like to know).
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  1. It would help a great deal if we knew what kind of budget you have for the remaining parts
  2. Can i suggest you dont overclock

    or at least not right away . You are unlikely to actually need the extra power , so try what you buy at stock and only oc if its not giving you high enough fps
  3. Also, At the top of Homebuilt systems thread is a post from theAnimal,

    Could you please copy his sticky and repost a new one to help us out.
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