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Just wondering is there any performance gain/loss with EIST turned off/on?
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  1. Unless OCing, there should be no problems with EIST/SpeedStep turned on. If OCing, we generally turn off SpeedStep etc to reduce any instabilities.
  2. Thanks for that info, I am overclocking so I'll turn it off then. Just on another note should Enhanced Halt State be turned off when OCing.
  3. ^Yes.
  4. Now I'm confused!
    If I turn off "halt" doesn't it come back on like a double negative that turns positive? If I turn it on, isn't that like a halt or stop sgn or red light and if turn it off, does the stop stop sign go away and the light turns green?
    And what makes it more confusing is the speedstep thing whicj to me is like stepping on the gas pedal to go faster.
    I guess thats why computers often crash at these cyber intersections when users get these BIOS settings mixed up.
  5. For top overclocks You should disable all power saving features to increase stability, for moderate overclocks You can leave them on. I have Q6600 overclocked to 8x400 with power saving features on with no problems whatsoever. It runs 400x6 at idle using less power and reducing less heat, under load it instantly jumps to 3.2GHz. Best of both worlds.
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