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How do I reset the bios on a Ga h55m s2h Gigabyte to factory defaults without having access to the bios menu. I originally had my display routed through my ati 5750 Gpu, and it worked fine. I tried to rout my display through the onboard video via the bios, and after I changed the settings neither of the displays works properly. I only get a flashing screen. Thanks for your help
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  1. There should be a jumper switch on the MOBO that is for clearing the CMOS - normally a 3 pin block - turn off the PSU and move the jumper switch to the other side of the 3-pins (it will be on 2 pins of the 3 and you want to move it so that it covers the empty one and center one instead) Press the power button (with the PSU off it will still work to clear the CMOS if you press the on button - it stores enough power in the PSU to do this) - wait about a minute and then move the jumper switch back to the original position on the 3 pin block - turn the PSU back on and try to boot the system. (It should be back to the defaults)

    If that does not work for some reason then turn off the PSU and remove the CMOS battery from the MOBO - wait 5 - 10 minutes and then replace the battery. and try booting.
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