Asus VH-222H 21.5" 1080p Calibration Issue

I have said monitor, with windows 7. I never noticed this problem in vista, yet all of the GPU driver and monitor settings are set to the monitors recommended specs (resolution, refresh rate, colour bit rate). I find that the windows are a bit out of calibration. For instance, in the pic, check out the little Mozilla icon on the top left, or how the minimize button seems a little cut off. Am I just paranoid, or can anybody else see this!
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    Nope, it looks fine. Mine looks identical, mozilla icon touching the left side and just a small space from the x-button to the right side if that is what you were referring to.
  2. ya but check the minimize button, seems a little cut-off..
  3. Well, it is really hard to tell since the picture is a little small, but I cannot tell any differences between it and mine. Are you referring to the minimize button at top left?
  4. no i mean the one on the top right. anyways I think its actually ok. thanks for the help
  5. Whoops yes, that is what I meant (getting my lefts and rights mixed up). Yeah, it looks very similar. I think that is just the new way MS is doing full screen.
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