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Yesterday i unknowingly purchased a pc chassis which includes a PSU which is (420W peak)350watts. It says 12v1&12v2=276W. Will it run my system? if not how many watts do i need? Also what do you think about the system
My newly purchased system is as follows: Asus P5Q-E, E8400, 9500GT, 2x2 4GB 1066DDR2 ram, 2x750GB (7200RPM)HDD on raid0 and 1x 1TB (7200RPM)HDD with more hdd to be added. ps: i dont intend to oc.
As i already purchased everything i need quick responses to be able to return these goods.
thanks in advance!!
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  1. IMO, would of chosen a 4670 but,

    depending on the brand of the psu,

    What psu do you exactly have? Some 350w will run as much as a onboard system, some will run a descent low grade card.
  2. like full metal said, it depends on the brand. i wouldn't use it unless it a normal name brand like corsair. usually those psu's that come in the box with a case are junk. if i were you i wouldn't use it. the last thing you want to have happen is a junk psu fries the rest of your components.
  3. I minimal on a 9500gt is a 350w so, I would recommend it not being a psu that came with a case.

    Antec / Corsair for the most part.
  4. Swap the PSU out for this one, you can just pull the one out of the case and put this one in.
  5. +1 on a 400cx, Pretty powerful for a 400w, has been tested and ran 2 8800gts with a benchmark.
  6. thank you!
    PSU came with a gigabyte GZ-X7 case but i can not see any brand name on it.
    i will return the gz-x7 and purchase a known brand at minimum 550W
  7. You dont really need 550, even 450 or 500 will be way more power than you need.
    Reasonably inexpensive PSU from a good brand, then just pick a case that you like the looks of.
  8. I like the 400cx Pick for that typical card better. Doesn't need much else, unless he's going to upgrade the card soon, I wouldnt go anymore than a 400cx.
  9. You dont really need 550, even 450 or 500 will be way more power than you need.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6817341016
    Reasonably inexpensive PSU from a good brand, then just pick a case that you like the looks of.

    With 450 being the peak value?
  10. no, OCZ, antec, corsair, seasonic, PC power & cooling, and a few others will NEVER rate a PSU at peak, any halfway decent PSU will be rated at continuous power which is what you really want, those that rate at peak tend to fail PSU reviews miserably.
  11. unfortunately my options are:
    there are a few retailers i can buy from and this is the list. Any suggestions on those?
  12. Cooler master makes some pretty good ones, there are better brands but with your options its pretty good.
  13. Silverstone / CoolerMaster is the best choice.

    Silverstone is expensive and an oldschool psu, most split rails but, pretty solid.

    Where do you live?
  14. Turkey
  15. Do you ever plan to sli?
  16. not untill i have to. i play older games like warcraft3 and europa universalis2 much of the time but i want to be able to play need for speed if i want in future
  17. btw mobo supports crossfire only(i suppose)
  18. Yeah the coolermaster should be fine. Only reason I ask is you would want to go higher wattage if you ever want to crossfire/sli! But as it is you should be good.
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