4890 HD Crossfire + 3DMark Scores

Got a question...

I got a score of 17428 in 3dmark vantage which seems nominal for the hardware i have.
CPU: 18611
GPU: 17067

But in 3dmark 06 i get a 16k result?

How can my 06 score be lower than my Vantage score?

Some Specs:
Core i7 920
12gb OCZ Platinum XTC
Gigabyte OC 4890 HD x 2 in Crossfire
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard

Running Windows 7 build 7100

I have my XF-I card between the 2 crossfire cards however and the plugs on it get pretty hot... understandably :D so that may have to go. I can run crysis with high/very high nicely smooth so it seems to be all working ok

Any ideas on the 06 score anyone? Maybe CPU limited?

EDIT: cpu was not overclocked for the above scores/testing... maybe i should boost it and see? only have standard cooling however
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  1. 3DMARK isn't a very good software to test your performance,games are better,and when u say Crysis runs fine then i think u don't have any problems,also yes 3DMARK 06 is CPU limited too,so that maybe the reason
  2. Ok i OC'ed the cpu to 3ghz... got much better results :)

    3DMarks: 17991
    CPU Score: 18442
    Graphics Score: 17845

    3DMARK 06
    3DMarks: 20542
    SM 2.0 Score: 7584
    SM 3.0 Score: 10667
    CPU Score: 5252
  3. Nice, i was about to tell you to do this ;) 2.6ghz is a bottleneck ...

    Stress test and be sure its stable and stay under 80c full load with small FFT
  4. I have virtually the same setup as you (GB 4890 OC x 2, 920) with the P6T and only 6Gb or Ram, and was worried about low 3dmarks06 scores (around 18k or so). I also found that overclocking the 920 to ~3.1-3.2Ghz increased my scores quite significantly. Was able to do that on stock cooling for the CPU too so basically a free upgrade :)
  5. I set the cpu bus to 165 mhz at x18 for a 2984 mhz to make the ram 663x2 at x8 so roughly 1333. I wanted to get the ram up a little as its 1600 ram and 1066 seemed a waste... i didn't want to overload the cpu with the stock cooler either but wanted a small boost to test. (not sure if these settings are ideal... i would love some thoughts from others on this)

    my very first i7 so its all very new and different to OC heh but the temps are:
    45/43/45/41 idle
    74/72/72/70 after running the vantage cpu physics test (load-ish)
    (using realtemp)

    so i might be able to make it a 3.2 at most but 3.0 might be best, just worried if i'll have to inc voltage too or if "auto" will take care of it heh... and i need to run a proper burn-in app of course.

    I'm also in australia so the humidity and heat can get the ambient nicely high :D

    I'll see about investing in a nice cooler however and run at 3.4-3.6 its a D0 stepping cpu which is aparently nice for OC so i should be good to do that.

    Thanks for the replies! if anyone has good ideas on coolers let me know :)
  6. Take a look at anandtech.com. they have nice CPU cooler review.
  7. At first I only managed a 3Dmark 06 score of 18K with two 4890s in crossfire. Overclocked my 955 to 3.8 and my score went up to 21K.

    AMD Phenom II x4 955BE @3.8Ghz
    Xigmatec Dark Knight
    Asus M4A79T Delux
    G.Skill DDR3 4GB 1600Mhz
    2x Asus Radeons EAH4890/Crossfire
    CM Storm Scout
    Antec Quattro 1000W
  8. i wouldn't trust those tests
    especially when it comes to ati cards
    futuremark and nvidia physx seem to be best friends :D
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