Phenom x2 555BE

Yesterday we learned about AMD plans to launch the dual core processor Phenom II X2 555 Black edition, which will be based on new stepping C3 as the prepared new energy version phenom II X4 965 Black edition with TDP level not more than 125 W. Processors are made from identical crystals, simply in case of Phenom II X2 two core are disabled, but it is possible to unlock them using the ACC function in the regime auto . AMD also states that the unlocking rate will be higher than the 550, meaning only a few chips won't be able to unlock.

The processor Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition operates at 3.2 GHz frequency, that higher than the frequency of predecessor only by 100 MHz. TDP Value is 80 W. The presence of 6 MB cache in the third level is the prime advantage of this processors series . Thus, even after the disappearance Of phenom II X2 550 Black edition in the official AMD Price- list the niche of dual core processors with the free multiplier and the capacious cache in the third level will not be empty . Simply, AMD prepared a new model in this series. For 99.99$ it should be a steal, specially when it can reach 6.63GHZ (LN2) as an x4 B55 using a cheap 785ge 128m mobo

Anyone got a release date?
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  1. Wait, are they now encouraging unlocking? I thought they went through some big ruckus trying to get the MB manufacturers to remove it. I guess they gave up and realized it was an important selling point.
  2. Well if you unlock it you basically end up with a C3 x4 B55/x4 965 ... Not bad for the price =) .
  3. Yeah, that is awesome for the price, which is why I thought in the past they did not like it (unlocking) too much. But, I guess as long as some chips sells, they should be happy.
  4. :( are the people on AMD crazy? :lol: They are selling Phenom II X 4 .....then they tolerate the unlocking of P II X2.. :D

    BTW is the Phenom II X 3 740 3.0 Ghz will also be release?
  5. it can be unlocked, but not everyone is going to be unlocking, i might unlock as a test or to bench, but not 24/7, and most others are not willing to run a dual as an overclocked quad 24/7
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