Core 2 quad or core 2 duo?

I am trying to decide wether to get a 2.0GHZ core 2 quad or 2.5GHZ core 2 duo for a laptop. Please help me!
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  1. depends on their model number such as Exxxx, Qxxxx, Txxxxx, or Pxxxx

    but uver all the 2.5 ghz Core 2 Quad will be better than the duo
  2. The Quad will probably give you less battery time, but it will be more powerful
  3. the 2.0ghz quad will be better in games like gta4 but worse in raw ghz intensive programs
  4. What applications will you be mostly using? If the apps use all available cores (d render progs, video editing, etc) then go with quad-core. If you're mostly gaming, get the core 2 duo.
    If the laptops are both the same price, get the quad-core for better resale value.
  5. a lot of software do not take advantage of quad cores, stick with dual for now
  6. There are a lot of different correct answers.
    You want to know which one is better using which parameters?

    Processing power?, resale value?, battery time?

  7. Personally I would want the dual core, better battery life and performance for games while it should also run cooler. But that is because I would want my laptop for mobile use because I already have 2 desktops with quad cores for doing cpu intensive tasks. This choice really comes down to what you plan to use the laptop for, it's hard to answer without knowing.
  8. how ur going to use your laptop
  9. i am closing the thread due to last response of 2009.....
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