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Phenom x6 overclock to 4.2ghz with 50 dollar heatsink?

Im wondering if there is a heatsink for 50 dollars or below that can overclock my 1090t to 4.2ghz at 55c prime95 large fft. I cannot go above my budget so are there any in the market that can do this? I know each chip is different so 4.2 ghz is not always possible but is there one that can generally do this,
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  1. I have another question. Is what I want even possible with air coolers?
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    Air cooler just noctua nhd-14 / silver arrow and Maybe you need water cooler h100 for more cool, buy from user or your friends ( second hand ), you will get cheap or find in Ebay
  3. for $50-
    get a 212+ EVO and add another $10 coolermaster sickflow 120mm fan in push/ can easily reach 4.2 ghz with this setup at decent temps.
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